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Longhorn CrossFit

Welcome to Humboldt’s premier fitness facility and only CrossFit Box! Longhorn CrossFit is locally owned and operated in Humboldt, Saskatchewan!  We are more than just a place to work out, we are an entire community of like-minded individuals from all walks of life, ages and fitness abilities coming together for fun and fitness!  At Longhorn CrossFit, we take the exceptional characteristics of the Longhorn and forge the undeniable implementation of CrossFit into the development of our athletes. Our athletes are better in a wider range of skills and development giving them a performance edge and making their day to day living easier and more fulfilling through functional fitness. We pull, push and carry our way to becoming better versions of ourselves. Hard Work. No Bullshit.

Ready to embark on the most efficient and FUN hour of your day?  We’re waiting for you on the other side of the door, all you have to do is walk through it!  All classes are coached, one hour in duration from start to finish, and programming is explained, demonstrated and modified to you-wherever you are at in your fitness journey and regardless of what membership option you have chosen to meet your fitness goals.  We are more than fitness! We are a community of everyday people; teachers, farmers, first responders, stay-at-home parents, students, grandparents, business owners, etc., all coming together to inspire, motivate and keep each other accountable to become the best versions of ourselves!



Are you someone who is bored of their fitness routine (or doesn’t like routine!), not sure if you’re technically sound in your movements and often wonder, am I doing this right? Are you moving efficiently to the best of your ability? Are you seeking that performance edge so that you can take your team sports and other fitness endeavours to the next level?  Maybe you’re no longer as motivated or just not seeing the results you had hoped to achieve by now.  No matter what your goals are or where you are starting from, Longhorn CrossFit and our amazing community is waiting for you.  What are you waiting for?! Join the Herd! Opening January 1St, 2021.

Are you ready to become a happier, healthier, better version of yourself? Join our awesome community and start TODAY! Longhorn CrossFit is where you come to put in the work and have fun while doing it!  Take a break from the daily grind and give us an hour to focus on YOU.

Our programming is effective and easily adaptable.  Our coaches will make sure you are moving to the best of your ability and are there to support and encourage you so you can push your limits and find out what you’re really made of.

Longhorn CrossFit is not your typical gym! When you walk through the door all you have to do is focus on you!  The programming is already in front of you, no more thinking about what work you are going to accomplish, no quitting before you’re done and no more wondering “am I doing this right?”. Our coaches provide the know-how and the community provides the fun and accountability.  The better you is waiting, grab the horns and let’s go!

The practicality of functional fitness combined with gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting, our workouts are constantly varied and effective.  Can’t walk on your hands or properly lift a barbell? No problem, most of us couldn’t the first day we walked in either.  If you get yourself through the door, we’ll get you where you want to go with no charge on the fun you’ll have while getting there.

We are a strength and conditioning gym with trained coaches who guide you through our programming, as well as make modifications so it doesn’t matter where you are starting in your fitness journey, you can participate as soon as you walk through the door!  Come and see what our amazing community has to offer-try a class for free! Slide into our DM’s for more info or email us at info@longhorncrossfit.ca